The Committee Positions

All student groups within Kent Union are operated by democratically elected committees of students.

The TinkerSoc Committee consists of voting executive officers, voting officers, and non-voting officers as well.

The executive positions are President, Secretary and Treasurer. These are the minimum 3 positions required by Kent Union. Executive officers are elected by the society at a General Meeting (GM) and are directly responsible for the running of the society.

New to the society are the officer positions, Comms officer and Media officer. These may become additional voting officers, elected by the society at a GM. These positions tend to relate speciality to support the society and its activities.

Non-voting officers are not elected by the society and so have no vote in committee meetings. These positions tend to be held by people who want to help run the society or activities.

Terms of Reference


The President is responsible for guiding the society in the appropriate direction. They are responsible for coordinating the efforts of the committee to organise and run events for the benefit of the society and its members.


The Treasurer manages the society’s finances. They are in charge of contacting potential sponsors and organise fundraising activities for the society. They are also responsible for the reimbursement of society members where appropriate.


The Secretary’s roll is to ensure the smooth running of the society. They are directly responsible for ensuring that regular meetings of the committee occur, and minutes are taken. They are responsible for ensuring there is a high level of communication between all members of the society and the union.

Radio Officer

A new position on the committee. With the society’s growth into amateur radio, the Radio Officer is responsible for organising license courses and radio events. They are directly responsible to the President.

Media Officer

The Media Officer is primarily in charge of all social communications for the society. They are responsible to the Secretary and assist them in their duties.