Ant Weight Robot Wars

To celebrate the start of the new academic year, some members of TinkerSoc have been spending their free-time building ‘ant weight’ combat robots. The rules are simple: the competitors’ bots have 150 grams’ weight limit, must fit within a 4in cubed box and must not use overly destructive weaponry (we want the fights to last longer than 5 minutes after-all).

Currently there are 7 robots from 6 teams, armed with a variety of different weapons and drive systems, due to meet in battle during fresher’s faire in the meanest ant-weight arena ever built. Its equipped with a functional pit, spinner, flipper and a large spike nicknamed ‘Buffy’ which can be activated at random by the audience.

Over the next few days we will be releasing build-logs from our competitors and updates on the arena’s construction, so stay tuned for a sneak-preview of what the fights will hold.

If you are interested in competing, we will be hosting future battles that will allow full destructive weaponry (as long as they comply with the official rules - If this seems to much for you, don’t fear! For we will be hosting a special event known as Hebocon on the first few TinkerSoc nights – google it to find out more! ANTWEIGHT WORLD SERIES RULES 4 Remote control - Control without physical contact between the robot and the controller (i.e. conventional model radio control, BlueTooth or infra red; no wires or strings etc.)