Radio Update

TinkerSoc was recently successful in being awarded a student projects grant for the use of re-establishing an amateur radio presence on campus. We have been working hard and have purchased a set of equipment that we hope you will find useful!

We should like to thank the donors of this student project grant that has made this project possible, we really could not have done this without the aid of their generosity.

We intend to host a number of radio events over the summer, so everyone can get the chance to use the equipment. We will then make it bookable by the start of the new academic year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Here is a list of the equipment that we have purchased and intend to make available for all members, including students and staff at the University:

HF, VHF and UHF Portable Setup

A setup for taking outside and erecting anywhere. Will require an amateur license to use and can be utilised for training:

SatNogs Groundstation

A setup for tracking cubesats and pico-ballons. Can be used by anyone:

Software Defined Radio Static Setup

(Wideband SDR. Will be available to any Kent uni student / TinkerSoc member to use remotely through a web interface.):

Portable Software Defined Radio

Wideband SDR receiver for portable use and for, research, experimentation; e.g. creating our own GSM Base Stations. This will be available for Tinkersoc members and research use only.