Success for Members in Amateur Radio

On Thursday 3rd July 2014, three Members of TinkerSoc travelled to Broadstairs to join members of the Hilderstone Amateur Radio and Electronics club in sitting their Intermediate Amateur Radio licence. Over the past 4 months they have taken part in an web based course to learn the theory behind RF circuit design and operation. This course culminated in projects such as laser tag guns and morse code transcievers being built. They all completed the exam successfully and are now eligible to operate equipment, with a power rating up to and including 50 watts, and also design and build their own radio equipment!

The members should soon recieve certificates through the post from the Radio Society of Great Britain and will be choosing their Intermediate Callsign via OfCom’s Services Site.

The next step our members can take is to work towards their advanced licence, enabling operators up to 400 watts of power and the the ability to supervise and teach un-licenced operators.

**To find out more about TinkerSoc’s Radio activities check out the radio page and check out the blog radio catagory. **