Real Life AngryBirds

A.K.A TinkerSoc gets Moist!

To kick off the new year we took angry birds to the next level! - (well we went to a dark field and got wet…)

Armed with slingshots, water balloons and a mountain of cardboard, two teams faced each other in the dark fields and prepared for war. The “pigs” took the high ground, but would that make up for their weaker slingshot? The “birds” on the other hand were busy forming a mighty phalanx ready to charge up the hill.

Whilst the “pigs” were concentrating on their attack, one lonesome “bird” scout made a run for it, flanking the pigs and stealing their king. Once back in their own base all it took was one swift kick and the king cracked and released his candy guts.

The “pigs” now kingless, but not broken, fought back, first sending out scouts to steal the “birds” ammo and then during a full out strike captured and slaughtered the red bird leader. Both teams, with nothing left to live for, released the last of their salvos. No one survived…

We hope everyone had fun at this silly little icebreaker, is was good to see so many new faces, as well as a few old friends.