Starting the Arcade Cabinet

Our current project at TinkerSoc is a full sized MAME Arcade Machine, we’ve done a lot so far and are nearly finished, but here’s what we have now.

On Monday, we continued building the arcade cabinet. We split into 3 groups, 1 to make the control box, 1 to fit the front panel to the machine, and one to continue working on the Raspberry Pi.

We didn’t use power tools tonight, instead we all had a go with some traditional hand drills. They all worked very well, but we were especially impressed by the hand brace for putting in screws.

We had a lot of success, and a lot has been done. The machine is now ready for painting :) I’ve attached some photos from the night.

We’ll be painting and fitting the hardware into the machine soon, watch this space! :) -┬áSimon