miniPOVs, LED Glue Stick Counter and Social

This Monday (6pm, Sim Lab) we are running a combined miniPOVs and LED glue stick counter session. Sadly, we could only procure enough parts to make up 5 miniPOVs kits, and as a result the first 5 members to email me will get a kit to use on Monday. The cost is £5, and due to availability this is strictly members only.

If you don’t get to me in time, don’t worry! We only have a couple of steps left in our LED glue stick counter, there’s plenty of electronicy stuff to play with.

At the end of term we’re going to be running a social, and this time we want to hear what YOU want to do. Two options that have been suggested are a pub quiz or heading to the pubs in town. Like these ideas? Have your own? Email me. :)