OpenMic, Beer and Hoodies

Next Week

This Monday at 6.00pm in KS14 we’re hosting our second OpenMic of the year, and we have a list of talks including topics such as a home-made Keytar, a MakerBot and a computer controlled Lego railway. If you were eager to talk about something, please tell us! We always have room for an extra talk

Coming weeks

The week after we are going to be holding a pub social, where we’ll be going to be taking you to a couple of our favourite pubs in town.

Other stuff

Hoodies! So far we only have a few hoodie orders, if you want one get your order in as soon as possible! Go to our page here to order, and then to this form tell me how you want it personalised.

Do you want to help run TinkerSoc next year? Are you curious how the committee decide what to do? If you want to see the inner workings of the TinkerSoc committee (i.e. a pub lunch on Thursdays) email us at and say that you’re interested.

Important Info