Pumpkins, Hoodies and OpenMic

Next week

I promised a wearable electronics for this Monday coming, but alas, there has been a change of plan. We will, instead, be running a joint pumpkin carving and simple circuitry session. So, no need to bring a t-shirt to ruin. Same time (6.00pm), same place (KS14).

Next Month

After the pumpkin carving and circuitry evening we will be running our second OpenMic of the year. We already have a few volunteers giving talks, but please get in touch if you have something awesome to share with us.


You can now buy exclusive TinkerSoc hoodies and t-shirts! Pay for them at http://www.kentunion.co.uk/organisation/TinkerSoc/ and then tell us what you would like under the front logo at http://goo.gl/Z8l9e. More information here.

Important Info