OpenMic, Geocaching, JOIN US, and Bottle Rockets

Hopefully you all enjoyed the processing workshop this week, if you've completed any scripts we would love to see your code/screenshots to share on the website. Please send them on to ## Next Week ## This Monday at 6.00pm in KS14 we are hosting the first TinkerSoc OpenMic of the term! An OpenMic is an evening in you can share the cool things you've been working on, or even just something interesting, with the rest of the society in a short (~15 min) talk. This week, to start us off we have a variety of talks with topics ranging from the workings of biometrics to how satellites are used to monitor the oceans. We encourage all of our members to contribute talks, start thinking now for something you could talk about in the future! ## Coming Soon ## The week after our OpenMic we will be holding our Bottle Rocket Social, and the committee in our boundless generosity have decided that we're going to let non-members attend for free. After that, however, you will need to be a member to attend any of our sessions. We are also arranging an introduction to Geocaching day to be held on Saturday 22nd October, so come along and give it a go! If you're interested please email us at This event will be strictly members only, so get those payments in ASAP ## Important info ## * OpenMic next Monday **6.00pm** at **KS14** * JOIN US! Visit **[join](** for more information. Cheers, Matt P.S. Hopefully the mailing list should be working perfectly now, if you notice any oddities please let us know!