Electronics, Geocaching and Hoodies

Hi Everybody, Congratulations to our two winners from our Bottle Rocket Social! The other scores are at http://tinkersoc.org/2011/10/bottle-rocket-scores, have a look to see how you did.


This Saturday we will be GeoCaching! Have a look at the email from Mex for more info. Spaces are tight, but if you’re interested please get in touch with martin@tinkersoc.org.


Back to electronics next week with Breadboarding 101 in KS14 at 6.00pm on Monday as usual. Breadboarding is a circuit prototyping method, and can be used to experiment with different circuits, components and designs. We’re going to be using breadboards to teach you a few circuits to develop your electronics knowledge. Remember, you need to be a member to attend this session, but if you haven’t yet attended a session and want to see what we’re about please get in touch with a committee member (contact@tinkersoc.org).

Coming Soon

The week after we will be holding our wearable electronic workshop where you’ll be able to put the skills learnt in Breadboarding 101 to use! If you have an old t-shirt that you don’t mind damaging you’ll want to bring it along!


We’re going to be ordering society hoodies! Current costs are £20 (+£2 if you want it personalised), with a small amount going towards the societies running costs. Not only will it keep you warm in geeky fashion it will also help your society! Win win! :)

If you want fill in our form at http://goo.gl/Z8l9e and we’ll get back to you when we have enough orders.

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