Bottle Rockets, Geocaching and Upcoming Electronics

Happy Thursday everyone!
Hopefully you all enjoyed the OpenMic this week, thankfully we've already heard that a few of you want to give a presentation next time which will make it even better.

Next Week

This Monday at 6.00pm in KS14 we will be starting our Bottle Rocket Social. We will be spending a short while customising our rockets in KS14 and then promptly heading out to a grassy expanse of land and launching them. Once our highly customised rockets have been sent in to space we'll be heading to the nearest bar to start the social proper.
If you have one spare bring an empty 2 litre bottle to use as a rocket, we should have enough to go round but I wouldn't leave it chance!

Coming Soon

The Saturday after next (22nd October) we will be organising half a day of Geocaching. More details to follow from Mex, so keep your eyes on your inboxes!
No sandwiches here :(
We are also nearing the next four-week rotation, and will be starting by teaching the basics of breadboarding, and using that knowledge in the next week to create wearable electronics. Breadboarding is a method of testing out circuit design without having to worry about solder, so it's perfect for the classroom!

Important Info