Welcome Freshers!

Hi everyone, Welcome to TinkerSoc, the only society at the University of Kent that introduces you to the skills, knowledge and motivation to tinker with everyday objects and have a fun time while doing so. I’m Matt, and I’m the president of TinkerSoc for the 2010/2011 academic year. I’m a computer scientist by trade, and am currently in my final year. I’ve been involved with TinkerSoc for three years, and am enthusiastic about playing with electronics in a fun way. My role in the society is to make sure we can do more, that we do it well, that we enjoy ourselves and that your views are taken into account as to where the society goes. Emma (our treasurer) and Mex (our secretary) are the rest of the committee and do much of the event planning and session organisation on top of their stated roles. Emma is a PhD student in the Electronics department and Mex is a PhD student in the School of Computing. We have put together an exciting and varied year in tinkering, and it’s one that we hope you will thoroughly enjoy. We’re starting off the year with a hands-on and messy introduction to electronics and tinkering. We can’t wait to see you! Cheers, Matt
TinkerSoc President