Processing, photos, joining and more

Next week

Following a successful session last Monday we're going to be holding our second session, "An Introduction to Processing" this Monday at 6.00pm in KS14. Processing is a programming language designed towards artists and those with an interest in creating beautiful, mesmerising creations; it's also nice and simple to pick-up.
We're going to try to get access to a computer room for the second half of the session, but if you have a laptop please bring it with you just in case.

Other info

Photos from the Squishy Circuits session can be found in our flickr group at
The week after next we will be running our first OpenMic of the year. If you have something interesting to share, please please please get in touch. OpenMic sessions consist of 3-4 15 minute presentations, and though the committee love talking and giving presentations, we would much prefer to hear about cool things that you're up to.
The week after the OpenMic will be our first social and will involve bottle rockets, so please save a couple of 2 litre bottles which we'll be able to use in the session.
If you enjoyed the last session and want to join us, please visit and follow the instructions.
And finally, for those that are interested, the weekly committee meeting minutes are available online at

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