Rundown of the term :)

So it's only taken me 2 months to put this up but never mind! It's here now. I hope everyone has had a good snow-day, but if you're a more than a wee bit bored now read this! So what have we done this term? We started with a fun freshers fayre where we had a record number of email addresses gathered (may've had something to do with our epic giveaways, including some handmade items by yours truly). Drawing a lot of attention was K-9, a funky replica of Doctor Who's canine pal made out of boxes, coat-hangers, foil and foam! Of course this did lead to explaining more than once that we weren't a Doctor-Who society, and instead pointing them towards the SFX society. Crazy creation winners Our first event was a fun campus-mod of sorts, where we asked you all to make some crazy creations, and put them all around campus. We made it interesting giving aways some prizes and these guys were the winners, and a lovely bunch they are too. This event gave us a chance to see the inner workings of the average Tinkerer. Needless to say we won't be looking there again :p Scary bunch aren't we? After that we had our Treasure Quest,  the task- to find photos of things and then to answer some questions to find more photos of things… I guess you had to be there to quite get the whole "questing" nature of it ;p All our participants were brave (climbing lampposts being a true test of courage after all) and it was a close run competition. Next up was an Open Mic session, where we got to hear about making presents, metadata, possible projects (see previous post) and Geocaching. A knitting workshop followed that session, this seemed to go well with everyone leaving knowing how to knit whether they wanted to or not ;) We did have some pretty spectacular starting pieces, and one finished piece that ended up somehow looking like a stocking, I figured they must be a knitting prodigy or something. That or just lucky ;) We had a couple of pub socials next, these were very fun and we found out who was good at table football, and who was… not so good. Let's just say plastic mini footballs are obviously attracted to some people judging by how often they found a way into certain people's goals :) Programming 101 set us a challenge to make a morse code decoder  which many of you started and a few completed. While the rest of us had a neat little crash course into how to program a morse code generator. Maybe at some point in the future we can make some sort of game out of the two. :) Prototyping saw many of us making some funky projects, a notable one being an Arduino that could sing (they are still working on making it hum "God Save the Queen"). Hopefully we can do it again sometime, only this time with more power! The last session was with the few of us who braved the snow making some awesome little doohickys including a Christmas spider and some good old-fashioned stained glass windows out of cardboard and sweetie wrappers (remember making those out of black card when you were a kid?) Come along next week for more of the same, only this time we are making presents for people and hopeful yet more sweeties! Our last session will be a chance to say "toodle pip" for over the Christmas holidays and have a Campus Mod. Hopefully see you all there! So overall we've had some great fun, and looks like next term will be even *more* awesome, so watch this space!! Please if you haven't already, fill out our questionnaire so we know what you think :)