TinkerSoc Projects!

Hello Tinkerers! In a break from the norm, I (Chris, TinkerSoc President) am posting on the blog.  Don't worry, I'll be quick :p Since our humble beginnings as "the Electronics Club" back in 2008, the School of Engineering and Digital Arts have been very interested in us and what we do - and not to mention supportive.  This year we hope to further our relationship with the Department.  (to show this: observe the banner on their website.  Then, observe the workshop we ran last year making LED Christmas Trees.) We have been asked to design and build an interactive electronicsy exhibit to be shown in the social area in the Department.  If you've been into the building, you'll probably have seen the lounge area just as you walk in the front doors.  In particular, they would like us to build a large, full colour LED matrix to be hung on one of the walls, which can display an animation of Conway's Game of Life, amongst other things.  They've also shown an interest in making it interactive in some way. The rather nice thing about this project is they're willing to financially support us in this endevour.  There are a few requirements (like it needs to be safe, and have a way of disabling it if required). If you, the TinkerSoc member, would be interested in working on this project, then please get in touch with me ( chris [at] tinkersoc.org) !  There are lots of areas that you could work on: embedded software, hardware, interaction, PC software (for editing/programming animations), woodworking, wiring and more!  We're hoping to start work on this in the Spring term, but will probably be ordering parts in the near future. Stay tuned: normal programming will resume shortly :-)