First Meeting!

Hello and Welcome back everyone! It was lovely to see so many people taking an interest in us at Fresher's Fayre, and we hope that we can interest you further still with what we are putting on in the next few weeks. Our first meeting will be this week, Wednesday 29th September. We will be meeting outside the main entrance to the library @ 6pmso everyone can find us, and then will troop down to the Rutherford JCR (junior common room) to do some Tinkering. The plan is to do our first Campus-Mod of the year. For those of you new to TinkerSoc, this is where we decorate campus in glowing LED balloons to brighten up everyone's night. This year we are also planning a few extra decorating ideas, so come along to see what it is we have planned. There will be some free snacks, and plenty of fun to be had by all. Once campus is sufficiently glowing we will head to a bar on campus (or a few :P) for a well earned drink! The second meeting will be Monday 4th October and subsequent meetings will be held on Monday nights most likely. Further details will come later in the week. If you want to sign up for TinkerSoc this year, you can do so through the new (but I wouldn't say improved) Union website. I don't say improved as they have the prices wrong, so please hold off on signing up until after Wednesday when we will send out more specific details on how to guide the maze that is the Union website to sign up. :) Well that's all for now folks, see you Wednesday outside the library at 6pm!