TinkerSoc Committee Elections

Greetings all fellow tinkers! This is Kezzy, your new communications officer elect! As many of you will know it was the TinkerSoc AGM last week. Thank you everyone who turned up and voted, it was great to show the union officers the effort you guys put into TinkerSoc, and great to see you all. So without further ado here are the new positions.

As you will have noticed, there is now no longer a vice-president position and there has been the creation of a communications officer. As comms officer I’m taking some of the jobs the secretary did last year (as there are loads), and I am also here if you have any feedback. The president and treasurer jobs will be the same, and the secretary will be doing some of the stuff they did last year.

So congratulations everyone on their new positions, voted in unanimously nonetheless, you’ll be hearing more from us soon. Until then fellow Tinkerers, ttfn, ta ta for now!