TinkerSoc AGM This Week!

The time has come again for the TinkerSoc AGM and for us all to choose the committee for 2010/2011. The meeting will be at 6.00pm on Wednesday 7th April in KSLR4; we will give a short presentation on the past year, a discussion about the state of TinkerSoc and last but not least,we will hold our elections. As this is a meeting that directly affects every member, you will all need to be there. If you cannot make it, please email matt@tinkersoc.org with your apologies. Next year's committee is going to be slightly different from this year's. We will have still have 4 positions, but they will be slightly different: * President * Secretary * Treasurer * Media/Communications Officer If you want to apply for any of these positions, or just learn more about them, please go to our wiki page at http://tinkersoc.org/wiki/agm2010 Remember: This Wednesday, 6PM, KSLR4. See you there!