Kit BuildFest 2010 - MintyBoost and MiniPOV

Last night we built some kits.  We were aiming to just do the MintyBoost kits, however they were so quick and easy (most people took about 20 minutes) we decided to start off on some MiniPOV kits as well! (As seen above).

Some people have been having some issues charging Apple devices with their MintyBoost.  For the answer to this, have a look at the MintyBoost FAQ with the answers.  It will require putting some different resistors into the kit - so if you’re having problems with it then come to the OpenLab next Monday (same time same place) and we will give you the required parts from our stock.

Also, we’ve got a page about our custom MiniPOV firmware, TinkerPOV.  We’ve burned a custom firmware to them to make them easier to change the message, and that requires slightly different instructions to the normal MiniPOV kits.  They can still be burnt with whatever firmware you like, but you can more simply change the message by uploading the string to the EEPROM memory (it’s also a lot quicker!).

NOTE: If you are having problems with the kits, please contact US at kits [AT] Because we’ve used our own parts, Adafruit can’t give you technical support.  They won’t want to know :p

If for whatever reason you couldn’t make it to this week’s lab, fear not as you can pick up your kits at any of the sessions.

In other news, Animesoc and SFX and Adventure Gaming Society are having GeekFest tonight in the Lighthouse, from 7PM.