Wearable Electronics Workshop THIS MONDAY!

Now that you’ve been to our practical electronics workshop (or maybe you knew enough already :) ), you should come along to our wearable electronics workshop and put those skills to use.

We’re going to combine your new found electronics skills with a little bit of sewing to make your clothes look flash and amazingly awesome/geeky. So, if you want to make your clothes look cool come along to our workshop next Monday at 6pm in the electronics laboratory (in the Jennison building, H3 on the second page of the campus map, and make sure you bring a spare t-shirt or a hat!

The doors of the building lock at 5. Fear not though, we will be able to let you in if you knock on the windows of the lab or if you give us a quick ring at redacted.

Of course, as we are a society that heavily relies on membership fees we now have to insist that to attend our workshops you are a fully paid up member. To become a fully paid up member see the instructions on our membership page and pray that OnCampus is willing.