Intro Meeting RESCHEDULED!

Due to some unforseen circumstances, including illness and beginning of term room booking craziness, we had to cancel the intro meeting this Monday (boo). BUT we have now rearranged the room booking, and I'm pleased to announce the time and location of the NEW intro meeting! KLSR4, from 1800 on Monday 5th October Location Directions: If you go into Keynes through the glass doors at the front, go right. Go past the reception (in a glass box) and then turn left. Just before you reach the stairs, turn left and you should be standing in front of the door to KLSR4. In this meeting we're going to cover: Since we're a little behind, we'll give you a quick runthough of Processing and how we managed to build spiroID in terms of the software. Nothing too hardcore (since it's an intro meeting), and for about 15-20 minutes. Once we've done that, we'll probably head to K-bar for a drink and chat! Hope to see you there!