Freshers' Mayhem!

Dear Fellow Tinkerers, We will have loads (LOADS!) of balloons and glowsticks to hand out this Friday(25th) and we invite you all to an evening of fun and mayhem! Like we did last year, we will be putting LEDs inside balloons and letting them loose all over the place, if you thought the trees around library looked a bit dull this is your chance to spice it up a little bit :) We are also planning on doing other stuff too and we will end the night in one of the fine establishments in campus to drink some adult beverages... So, feel free to join us and drag that Fresher corridor mate of yours as well, you know, for fun and giggles :) We will be meeting outside the Library (next to Senate) at 18:00 and will probably hang around little bit then make move... Yours, TinkerSoc Committee (Event details in Facebook)