TinkerSoc AGM

The TinkerSoc AGM will be taking place at 6:00PM on Wednesday 13th May, in the Lyons room in Eliot ( Location info ) The programme will be as follows: 1800-1830  Review of activities this year 1830-1845  Presentations for committee applicants 1845-1900  Elections, talk from current committee on plans for the coming year 1900-1915  Count of votes, election of new committee members 1915-????  Off to Mungos for a pint. The committee will have 4 roles: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer If you wish to be a candidate for election to any of the above positions, then please email a manifesto explaining why you would like to take the position (can be a couple of sentences) to me (chris@ukctinker.org), and they will be added to the wiki and published before the AGM.  You'll also be given time in the AGM to state your position.