Open Lab Sessions

We've been busy over Christmas, and we've got some good news! The Project Lab in Electronics Building will be open between 18:15 and 20:15 on Monday nights for you to use. You'll be able to use most of the resources of the lab, including soldering irons, oscilloscopes and power supplies during this time. In the near future (once we sort out some issues with Kent Union) we'll have our own kits for you to play with, including some Arduino boards. There will be people on hand should you need any help with your projects. If you'd like to come along, then turn up at the Electronics Department during the open hours, and call this number: 01227 808 199 During opening times, this will put you through to whoever is currently there so that they can let you in. The first Open Lab will be held on Monday the 26th January (next Monday), hope to see you there!