Soldering 101: Sign up!

LED Blinky Tree We've organised our very first workshop! There will be two session taking place, at 11AM and 2PM on Monday the 15th December in the Project Lab in the Electronics Department. To get to it, go to the Electronics Department (opposite the Sports Center), go through the front door (past the binary clock), go down the stairs and turn right past the refreshments hatch. This workshop will teach you the basics of soldering, and we will be providing a festive kit for you to build to impress your friends and family with this Christmas. You will also learn to identify some electronic components. Soldering is an extremely useful skill for tinkering so if you haven't touched a soldering iron before or smelled the wonderful fumes come along and join us in this workshop. The kit we will be soldering is a small Christmas tree shaped circuit with blinking LED lights, just in time for Christmas, which you can proudly display on your desk, window etc! There are limited places available so please, sign yourself up on the wiki. More information about the kit here. We may also be doing some freeform LED christmas trees at the same time, something like this: